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Have you ever wondered why ventilation is included as the “V” in HVAC? Because it is an extremely integral part of properly (and safely) heating and cooling a home! As the trusted experts in whole-home heating and air conditioning here in Pittsburgh, Calfo knows how to diagnose your ventilation needs, assess the damage on your current ventilation system, and install the upgrades you need. Here’s what you need to know about properly ventilating your home. 

Why Ventilate?

It might be hard to believe,  but when compared side by side, indoor air is often two to five times more contaminated than the air outside (according to the EPA). The air inside your home can quickly become stagnant or stale, as it holds onto moisture, contaminants, odors, and more. The more airtight your home is, the faster these contaminants can accumulate, as they recirculate through your heating and cooling systems. This is especially true if your home utilizes ductwork to deliver the conditioned air you need throughout the year. 

High numbers of contaminants in your breathing air can irritate and exacerbate many common respiratory issues, including asthma and seasonal allergies. Ventilating that stale air back outside, in combination with a regularly changed air filter, will keep your air clean so you can breathe easy. 

High-Quality Ventilation Installation

At Calfo we take pride in designing and installing effective ventilation solutions for Pittsburgh homeowners. We install the best available equipment to ensure proper ventilation and indoor air quality. Our goal is to reduce the concentration of harmful contaminants and ensure that your home receives a continuous supply of fresh air. 

Call Calfo for Your Home Ventilation Needs

If you are looking for ventilation services for your home here in Pittsburgh, make the call to Calfo. We can help you with all of your heating and air conditioning needs while keeping proper ventilation and your indoor air quality at the forefront. A properly ventilated home comes with many benefits, including:

  • Increased indoor air quality
  • Reduced reliance on heating and cooling equipment
  • Less dust
  • Fewer indoor odors

Is your home ready for some fresh air? Ask Calfo about ventilation today. Call us or get in touch here.

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