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Asthma Triggers to Watch for in Your Home

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There are 26.5 million Americans that suffer from asthma. Avoiding episodes starts with knowing both common and uncommon asthma triggers in your home. 


  • Avoid smoking of any kind, including secondhand smoke inhalation
  • Limit candles and the use of any open flames indoors

Dust Mites

  • Make sure to wash your bedding often (every 3-5 days)
  • Vacuum carpets and dust surfaces

Pet Dander & Pests

  • Upgrade your heating and cooling system to HEPA-rated filters
  • Keep all food containers airtight, and set traps for common pests like cockroaches


  • Control your indoor humidity with a whole-house dehumidifier to prevent mold growth
  • Run kitchen and bathroom fans, and clean both areas regularly

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