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Duct Cleaning

Like most things in your home, your ductwork gets dirty, too! Scheduling HVAC duct cleaning will improve your indoor air quality by keeping the pathways clean and clear for the conditioned air you need to keep your home comfortable and healthy.  

Improving indoor air quality is an integral part of the Calfo process, which is why we offer professional air duct cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA. Read on to learn why air duct cleaning is so important, and discover the many ways your whole home will benefit from cleaner air.

Cleaner Ducts and a Cleaner Home

Contaminants and particles enter your living space each and every day through open windows, doors, and air leaks, and they can even originate inside your home. Once these particles enter your breathing air, they are inhaled by your heating and cooling system and recirculated through your ductwork. Over a period of time, your ductwork will accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, and even bacteria, which will then recirculate throughout your breathing air. 

Signs that your ducts may be in need of cleaning include:

  • You’ve noticed mold growth in your ductwork
  • Your ducts are or have been infested with rodents or pests
  • You’ve noticed dust buildup around your AC or heating vents

Poor indoor air quality affects those that are sensitive to seasonal allergies and those with respiratory conditions like asthma, and while your air filter is supposed to remove as many particles as possible before they recirculate your breathing air, these particles can still accumulate over time. Ductwork cleaning gives your indoor air quality a fresh start!

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Once your ductwork has been cleaned, you can experience a number of benefits throughout all four of Pittsburgh’s seasons:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Fewer unpleasant odors
  • Less dust throughout your home
  • A slight increase in the efficiency of your heating and cooling system

A Healthier Home with Calfo

For a cleaner, healthier home here in the Pittsburgh area, schedule Aire-Care duct cleaning with the professionals at Calfo Heating and AC. Our high level of indoor air quality training and expertise will ensure your ductwork is cleaned properly, and our team will identify any other issues that are exacerbating your poor indoor air quality. We can also recommend further ventilation or purification measures to keep your air (and your home) as healthy as possible.

Schedule duct cleaning to improve your home’s health and indoor air quality today. Call 412-517-6509 or get in touch with Calfo here!

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