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If you think you have a leak in your Pittsburgh home, you should call Pittsburgh’s most-trusted pros, Calfo. Leaks aren’t just inconvenient, they’re also expensive because they waste water and can potentially cause water damage. Luckily, our plumbers have years of experience detecting and fixing leaks. No matter where your leak is or how extensive it is, we can quickly locate it and provide a recommendation for how to resolve it.

How it works

Your leak detection service in 3 simple steps

1) Schedule an appointment

You can call us at (412) 651-3941 or schedule an appointment online. We’ll chat with you briefly about the leak symptoms you’re experiencing and find time for an experienced plumber to come and check it out.

2) Get an inspection and upfront pricing

Once your appointment is scheduled, we’ll send over one of our techs to take a look at your home and assess what kind of detection method/tools they will need to use. Before we actually begin any work, we’ll let you know what we’re thinking and the cost associated with it, so you aren’t shocked by hidden fees once the job is done.

3) We’ll get to work finding the leak

Once we have a good idea of the tools we’ll need to find the leak, we’ll get to work. And when we have found the leak, we’ll walk you through the details of where it is and what solutions we recommend to fix it.


Cost to detect a leak in Pittsburgh

What Determines the cost of locating a leak in Pittsburgh?

  • Location of the leak- If the leak is hard to access, it will usually cost more for a plumber to find it. This is because harder-to-reach leaks usually require more complex and expensive tools. At Calfo, our plumbers are experts at finding leaks quickly and have all the tools needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Leak detection method used- Depending on where the leak is, a plumber may have to use a variety of detection methods, like cameras or excavation. Excavation is the most expensive leak detection method but will be necessary if your leak is very hard to access. Before we begin any work, we’ll let you know which detection method we think will work best and ensure that you’re okay with the price before we get started on any work.
  • Any repairs needed- Sometimes, to find a leak, a plumber will have to use an invasive method, which could require cutting into walls or flooring. If this is the case, you’ll also have to factor in the cost to repair your home. At Calfo, we’ll do everything we can not to use an invasive method, and if there is no other option, we’ll make sure you’re okay with it before we begin work.

Want an accurate price?


Financing options

  • Service Finance
  • Synchrony

Learn more about your options when talking to your service technician or one of our phone operators.

Payment options

  • All major credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Personal checks and cash


Solid Steel Guarantee

After your leak detection service is completed, we’ll call you to make sure you’re happy with our work. If you aren’t, let us know. We’ll use all our might to make it right.


You may have a leak if…

  • Your water bill has spiked
  • You notice that one of your fixtures is dripping/leaking
  • You notice pools of water in your front or back yard
  • You notice any kind of water damage or mold on walls or ceilings
  • Your water pressure has decreased
  • There’s an odor in your home that you can’t pinpoint (usually due to mold growth)

I would definitely do business again with CALFO

Dylan provided outstanding professional service. He was timely, efficient, and a gentleman. He explained everything. I would definitely do business again with CALFO due to Dylan’s outstanding service. Thank you!

Cynthia T.

Polite, professional, and the work was incredibly neat…

Adam and Dylan installed my boiler this winter they were very polite, professional, and the work was incredibly neat. I couldn’t be happier with my new boiler.

Hockey H.

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