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Have a tough clog you just can’t seem to get rid of? Call our drain cleaning pros. All of our plumbers have extensive training so regardless of how complicated your clog is, we can ensure it’s taken care of right, the first time around.

How it works

Your Drain Cleaning in 3 simple steps

1) Schedule an appointment

Call us at (412) 651-3941 or schedule online to get the ball rollin’. Whether you need your drain unclogged in the morning or the middle of the night, we’re here for you 24/7.

2) Get upfront pricing

After your plumber arrives, they’ll ask you a few questions and take a look at the clog you’re dealing with. Once the plumber has a better idea of the location and severity of the clog, they’ll explain the recommended solution and the cost…before any work begins. No surprises. No sticker shock. No pressure.

3) Get your drain unclogged today

Ready to sign off? Great. Typically, our techs have all the parts they need in their trucks, so we can unclog your drain ASAP. Did we mention that we always clean up before we leave? No matter how messy your drain unclogging gets, we’ll take the time to clean up before we head out…leaving your home the way we found it.

Average time to unclog a drain: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours


Cost to unclog a drain in Pittsburgh

Price factors:

Clog location- If the clog is in a difficult-to-reach position or in the main line, the cost to unclog it will be more expensive. This is usually due to the fact that hard-to-reach clogs will take a plumber longer to find/remove and a plumber may need to use additional tools depending on where the clog is located.

Main line vs. Secondary line- Your plumbing consists of several secondary lines that feed into a main line. Main lines are usually harder to access, which means if you have a clog in the main line, it will cost more to clear your drain.

Clog severity- Generally, plumbers can use a drain snake (auger) to remove a clog…but if the clog is severe enough, a plumber may have to use more powerful tools, like a water jetter, which will increase the cost to unclog your drain.

Plumbing cleanout location- Depending on the severity and/or location of the clog, a plumber may have to remove it via your home’s plumbing cleanout, which is where a plumber is able to access your home’s sewer line. Typically, this cleanout is located outside, in an easy-to-reach place, but sometimes it can be inside your home (inside a closet or utility room) making it more difficult to reach. The harder the cleanout is to access, the more it will cost to clear the clog.

Want an accurate price?

Schedule an in-home diagnosis, which is FREE if you get your drain cleared by us.


Solid Steel Guarantee

After your drain clearing, we’ll call you to make sure you’re happy with the work. If you aren’t, let us know. We’ll use all our might to make it right.


You probably have a Clogged Drain if…

  • You notice that your toilet is gurgling or bubbling
  • Water is taking a while to drain out of your bathtub or sink
  • You notice a strong smell coming from your drains
  • You notice puddles of water near your sink, toilet or bathtubned air comes out).

Provided options based on my affordability

Very professional and informative about the issue I was facing with my water heater. Was honest about the cost and fees and Provided options based on my affordability.

John E.

Would recommend this company to anyone.

I was very pleased with CALFO home services. Jake Fischetti was my technician and he was extremely professional and knowledgeable about an issue that two other heating companies were NOT able to address. Jake took the time to explain to me what the issue was and how to go about tackling it properly. He brought his own mat and shoe covers when entering the house. I was very pleased with his visit and would recommend this company to anyone.

Ryan H.
Baldwin, PA

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