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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

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Are you trying to decide whether it’s time to can your can? If you’ve noticed some issues with your toilet but it’s still operational, it can be a challenge to decide whether you need a new one. Here are the things to look out for in relation to your toilet that means it’s time for a toilet replacement

Constant Clogging

When too many un-flushable objects end up in the toilet bowl it is pretty easy to diagnose why a toilet is clogging. However, if your toilet is always clogging even with a minimal amount of waste and toilet paper, there could be a number of causes. For starters, there could be buildup in the S-trap underneath the toilet, or a persistent clog further down the line in your main sewer lines. There could also be mineral buildup, and it is possible the flushing mechanism in your toilet has deteriorated (this is especially true for low-flush toilets). 

If you find yourself plunging the toilet to clear a clog once a day or more, a professional plumber will be able to diagnose whether your toilet is in need of replacement. 

Cracks or Leaks

While the primary function of a toilet is to handle human waste, a toilet is also a chair of sorts. If your toilet has developed cracks in the porcelain, the structural integrity will be compromised and it could struggle to support the body weight of anyone sitting on it. Cracks can also mean toilet leaks and puddles of water around the toilet—which is an issue that should be resolved immediately! Excess moisture in your home can lead to other issues like mold growth, and depending on where the toilet leak is located, it could be leaking unsanitary water onto your floors. 

An Old or Wobbly Toilet

Is your toilet too old? Has it become wobbly due to loose screws or has the caulking at the base peeled off? An aged or tippy toilet is likely not far from developing any of the issues listed here. Plan to replace your toilet in the near future to avoid a regretful and disastrous plumbing failure!

Unusually High Water Bills

Even if you aren’t seeing any leaks on the outside of your toilet, there could be hidden leaks causing your water usage to rise. If you have noticed that your water bills have mysteriously increased over the past few months, and your water usage seems to be the same, it could be a sneaky-leaky toilet that needs replacing. 

leak detection service or camera inspection with the Calfo plumbing pros will uncover any plumbing issues that could be causing your increased water usage and diagnose if your toilet is the culprit. 

Multiple Toilet Repairs that Are Increasingly Expensive

It is important to look at any repairs in your home and consider how sustainable it is, in the long run, to continue with repairs versus investing in an update. If you have had to repair your toilet more than twice in a year, and those repairs continue to get more expensive, a toilet replacement will save you money and a headache down the line. 

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