How to Know If You Need a New Air Conditioner

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time for an upgrade. Will that old sedan make it another winter? Did the barbeque take too much of a beating during quarantine? What about your air conditioner—even if it still works, when is it time to repair vs. replace your AC?

Here are four signs to look for that can indicate it is time to upgrade to a more efficient, and in some cases, “smarter”, cooling system:

1. Your AC airflow is low

If your AC is having trouble keeping up with the heat, and the drop in airflow is noticeable, it could be in a state of disrepair that is hard to remedy in a cost-effective way. If the drop in airflow is caused by a blown blower motor, it will likely be more beneficial over time to upgrade to a new cooling system, or switch to heat pumps and ductless mini splits.

2. Your AC is more than ten years old

As technology and manufacturing of air conditioners improve, and your existing AC nears the end of its expected life, you will reach a point where you’ll stand to save much more from an upgrade than you would by continuing to repair your air conditioner. Modern air conditioners and heat pumps work with extreme efficiency, can be connected to smart thermostats, and have a longer system life.

3. You are hearing strange sounds coming from your AC

Strange sounds like grinding, squeaking, or chattering are never normal when it comes to air conditioners of any age. If you are hearing concerning noises, it could be the aforementioned blower door or blower door motor. An upgrade will save your ears and your wallet!

4. High or rising monthly cooling costs

Even if you aren’t noticing any of the above symptoms, and your home is staying perfectly cool, but your cooling bills keep rising, your AC efficiency could be rapidly declining. This can be caused by wear and tear and can be made worse by leaky or poorly designed ductwork. Calfo can help you diagnose your AC system and recommend the best path forward!

Get A Free AC Evaluation

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