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Humidification & Dehumidification Services

Humidity is a serious seasonal consideration here in the greater Pittsburgh area, and depending on the season, the air in your home may be too dry, or far too “wet”! Because humidity can have a direct effect on the health of your indoor air and the overall comfort of your home.

Here’s what you need to know about indoor humidity, and how you can increase your indoor air quality when you consider the moisture in your home’s air.

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Summer Humidity: More Moisture = More Mold

You already know mold is unhealthy—when you see it in your fridge, the first place it goes is the trash. But did you know that mold only requires 50% to 60% relative humidity to begin to grow? Mold needs three things to thrive in a home: 

  • Water (humidity)
  • Food (your drywall and construction materials)
  • Heat (temperatures above 40ºF)

Based on these requirements, what better place for mold to live than in your home, if your humidity is not properly managed? Controlling the humidity in your living space will go a long way toward increasing your indoor air quality and making your home a safer and healthier place to live. 

How To Control High Humidity

Because your heating and AC systems handle all of the air in your home, there is plenty of opportunity for your furnace or air conditioner to assist in maintaining optimum humidity levels in your home. However, there are other factors at play, like the number of air leaks that are in your home, and your own cooking, cleaning, and bathing habits, all of which contribute to the humidity in your home. 

For homes dealing with persistent humidity issues, installing a whole-home dehumidifier is the solution to gaining complete control over the level of moisture in the conditioned air in your home. 

Winter Humidity: The Problems with a Dry Home

You now know you don’t want a home that is too humid, but what about a home that is too dry? When the winter arrives in Pittsburgh, the humidity can often drop to equally unsatisfactory levels. Dry air in the home can lead to sinus irritation, issues with dry skin, and it can even dry out any of the leather in your home. 

But what you might not notice right away, are the damages that dry air can cause to your home. Things like creaky floors, warped flooring, warped or damaged furniture and fixtures, cracked wallpaper are symptoms of a home that has gone through frequent humidity fluctuations.

What to Do About Low Humidity

Using a standalone humidifier, or installing a whole home humidifier for the dry times of the year give you increased control over the health of your family, and the overall health of your home. However, determining the most efficient long term solution should be done with the help of experienced indoor air quality professionals, like the team at Calfo. 

How Will You Benefit From Optimal Humidity?

As mentioned above, mold is a serious concern when it comes to living in a humid area of the country, like Pittsburgh. However, there are many other benefits to controlling the humidity in your home as well, such as:

  • Increased indoor air quality
  • Fewer musty & mildewy smells
  • Less condensation on windows
  • No more wet walls in the basement

Whatever the case, Calfo can diagnose your humidity issues and implement the solutions needed for long-term health and safety in your home. 

Take care of the stuffy, musty feeling in your home—ask Calfo about our humidification services today! Call us or get in touch here.

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