7 Heating System Noises & What They Mean

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There is no such thing as a happy heater or HVAC noise — if your furnace, boiler, or heat pump is “yelling” out for attention, it is probably because it needs it! And while not every heating issue is an emergency, you are going to need every ounce of heating power your furnace can provide if you are going to keep the family comfortable throughout the holiday season. 

Here are the 7 heating system noises to keep an ear out for, and what they might indicate about the state of your heating system’s wear and tear.

Banging from a Gas Furnace

A loud bang coming from the air vents of your furnace can be one of two things, depending on when you hear the bang. If you hear your furnace banging right as the furnace turns on, it could be a dirty burner causing a delayed ignition. However, if you hear the banging as your furnace turns off, it could simply be your ductwork expanding and contracting from the change in pressure and temperature.

Hissing/Whistling from a Gas Furnace

The first thing to check when you hear a hissing or a whistling coming from your furnace or air vents is the air filter. An air filter that isn’t properly installed or that hasn’t been changed in a while can cause a hissing or whistling noise to carry through your system. Calfo can replace your air filter, and locate any other leaks in your HVAC system that are causing other furnace noises and inefficiencies.

Clicking from a Gas Furnace

When a furnace starts to click, the electrical system is usually the culprit. Clicking can be caused by a bad pilot light, or electrical issues in the blower motor, and should definitely be addressed by a heating repair technician.

A Banging Boiler

“Kettling” in a boiler is when the heat exchanger develops limescale buildup, which forces the heat exchanger to get too hot. This forms steam bubbles within the boiler that float to the top and make a pop-like sound. Resolving this issue should be done with a professional boiler technician.

A Gurgling Boiler

That low gurgle you might be hearing from your boiler is caused by air bubbles working their way through the pipes. The existence of air in the pipes can mean a leak in the system and should be addressed by a professional boiler technician.

A Clanging Heat Pump

The blower fan of your heat pump is the part most likely to make a clanging noise in a heat pump. This can be caused by a bent or damaged fan blade, or debris that is stuck in the metal grating.

Loud Humming from a Heat Pump

Humming is most often another electrical issue, especially if it is coming from a heat pump. This can be from a fan motor that has seized, or from another electrical component that has failed completely. Call Calfo right away if you are hearing a hum or a buzz!

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