What Problems Can a Mini-Split Solve?

If you have seen or heard terms like mini-split, heat pump, or ductless AC lately, you may be wondering what these units do, and why other Pittsburgh homeowners are installing them in their homes.

A mini-split is an efficient piece of heating and cooling equipment that offers flexibility when it comes to home comfort!

What is a Mini-Split?

Let’s cover the basics of a mini-split. Mini-splits utilize heat pump technology all within a two-piece, quick-to-install system that is made up of an indoor air handler, and an outdoor compressor. These are connected with a small piece of refrigerant line or piping.

A mini-split can efficiently condition a home by moving heat from one area to another. In the winter, a mini-split accumulates the ambient heat in the outside air (even at cold temperatures),  and in the summer it takes heat from inside the home and exhausts it back outside. 

Heat and Cool New Additions to Your Home

A mini-split offers both heating and cooling modes and can be installed directly into an exterior wall of a room or area that needs a little extra help. This makes them great for additional square footage that was added to your home after the original heating and cooling system was installed. 

Mini-splits also make for a great heating and cooling solution in finished basements and garages. 

Replacing Old or Inefficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

The longer you use an air conditioner or a furnace that is wasting energy, the more it will cost you. Plus, outdated or damaged equipment won’t keep your home as comfortable as it should!

If your furnace or boiler is more than ten years old, or the repair costs are greater than 50% of the cost of a new system, consider replacing your whole-home heating and cooling system with a series of mini splits. There are even heat pump models that can connect multiple indoor units together to one compressor, allowing for different comfort “zones” throughout your home. 

Stabilizing Temperatures and Humidity

Just like an air conditioner, a mini-split helps control both temperature and humidity. Supplementing your existing system by installing a mini-split in problematic areas can even out the humidity in your home, and help dry out chronically wet areas like the basement. This can help prevent unhealthy mold and mildew growth that can make you and your loved ones sick.

Flattening Energy Bill Spikes

Whether it’s a cold snap or a heatwave, those months where your energy bill is noticeably higher are never a welcome surprise. With efficient heating and cooling from a mini-split, extra heating or cooling won’t come with the leftover sting of a ridiculous energy bill!

Ask Calfo About Mini Splits

If you need a little extra help keeping your Pittsburgh-area home comfortable, or are looking for a versatile and efficient solution to replacing your current HVAC system, ask the experts at Calfo about mini-splits. We will take the time to assess your current heating and cooling needs and goals, and pair you with the right equipment for the job.

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