The Best Time for Cooling Maintenance

When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, it’s never a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” Keeping up with your regular furnace and AC maintenance is absolutely essential to keeping your home comfortable and preventing your energy bills from getting out of control. So, when is the best time for early AC maintenance?

An Early AC Maintenance Schedule

Homeowners who like to stay prepared for the upcoming season, may find themselves wondering when the perfect time for maintenance would be. Scheduling the service too late runs the risk of having to turn your AC on before it’s been checked for wear and tear (which could mean an early AC breakdown, or money lost in energy waste). 

Performing AC maintenance too early could mean your air conditioner is sitting idle for too long, and any lubrication could lose its effectiveness, or the air filter could need to be changed or cleaned again. 

So, the best time to get on your maintenance tasks? As the winter chill is winding down, and before the mild warmth of spring arrives. This is so you can take advantage of the in-between season temps without losing out on any of your home comfort. 

The Benefits of Maintaining your AC Before Cooling Season

Here are four benefits of staying ahead of the game and maintaining your air conditioner every year:

  1. Peace of mind knowing your AC is ready for the summer
    • Rarely does the first big Pittsburgh heat wave come after you have already acclimated to the muggy summer months. When you need your AC, you need it now! With annual maintenance, you can rely on your AC to bring you the cool air you need, right when you need it. 
  2. Lower electricity bills with higher AC efficiency
    • When your AC is at its best, it will minimize energy waste. This means not overworking to pull air through dirty air filters, run a sticky blower fan, lose any conditioned air through leaks in your ductwork, and much more. The better maintained your AC is, the less you spend in cooling costs! 
  3. Extended lifespan and reduced wear-and-tear on equipment
    • The longer your AC goes without a little extra love and care, the shorter its life expectancy will be. If you spend the time and money now to keep your cooling equipment in good shape,  you will be rewarded with an AC that lasts longer than if it had been neglected. 
  4. Less risk of an inconvenient and expensive breakdown
    • Not only are unexpected AC breakdowns a pain in the neck, they can also cost you. Emergency HVAC repair usually comes at a premium, and is often expensive enough to merit the upfront cost of AC replacement. With proper maintenance, you can usually know ahead of time whether AC replacement is on the horizon for your home and budget accordingly.

Ready to get your AC maintenance on track for a comfortable and efficient home? So is Calfo — and we’re ready to give you the red carpet treatment! Call Calfo Heating and AC or get in touch here to schedule cooling maintenance.