The Benefits of Upgrading Your Heating and AC This Fall

The need for a heating and cooling system upgrade or replacement never comes at a convenient time. Other unexpected financial needs pop up, and this home comfort upgrade gets punted down the road—we hear about it time and time again here in Pittsburgh. If you have been procrastinating, the upcoming fall season is a great time to upgrade your HVAC system. Here’s why:

Take Advantage of the Mild Temperatures

The fall is not only one of the most beautiful times to be in Pittsburgh, it’s also the most comfortable. As the humidity dissipates and the temperatures drop, you will not need your heating and cooling system as often as you will come winter. A new HVAC system in the fall means you don’t have to go through a cold day without heat and ensures your system is primed and ready for the onset of winter. 

Maximize Efficiency, ASAP!

Modern furnaces and air conditioners have improved efficiency and capability, so the earlier you can upgrade your system, the more you stand to save on your energy bills. You can even upgrade to a heat pump or a system of ductless mini splits and move your heating and cooling into one system, providing versatility and efficiency!

Include Any New Additions in Your HVAC System

Did you make any changes to the square footage of your home since you last installed a heating and cooling system? Perhaps you added an office in order to work from home during the pandemic, or your growing family has necessitated an expansion. The overall square footage of your home is a large determining factor in sizing a heating and cooling system, and ductwork (if used) needs to be run appropriately to reach all rooms evenly.

An upgrade this fall from the experts at Calfo will ensure your new heating and cooling system is sized properly for your living space.

Is Your Heating and Cooling System Telling You “…it’s time.”?

Oftentimes, the aging process happens so slowly that it’s easy to become accustomed to a failing heating and cooling system. But if you are dealing with temperature fluctuations from room to room, loud noises coming from your air vents, or water leaking from your air conditioner, your heating and cooling system could be telling you that the time for a replacement has come!

A call to Calfo for an AC or furnace evaluation will give you a better idea of the state of your system, and how close you are to needing an upgrade. 

Call the Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Pros at Calfo

If it involves keeping your home comfortable, safe, or efficient, all it takes is a call to Calfo. We are the HVAC contractor that Pittsburgh homeowners trust to find whole-home solutions to their heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Our team is trained to roll out the red carpet for you, both figuratively and literally, leaving no trace, save the memory of our excellent customer service and technical expertise! From ductless and HVAC installs, to plumbing inspections and clogged drains, Calfo has you covered throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.

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