Home Checklist for Spring

Keep Your Home Comfortable with this 

Home Checklist for Spring

Are you looking ahead to the coming spring and thinking about how difficult it was to keep your home comfortable this past winter? If your Pittsburgh area home had comfort and efficiency issues while the temperatures were at their lowest, then you are in for a similar battle come spring and summertime. 

Here are some of the spring home maintenance tasks you can take care of now, so you can save yourself the headache and hassle of low comfort and high summer energy bills:

  • Replace your air filters for healthier air and more efficient cooling
  • Clear debris and overgrown landscaping away from your AC condenser 
  • Upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat for optimum efficiency
  • Schedule a spring maintenance visit to lubricate, locate, and replace any failing parts
  • Consider upgrading your old AC to a more efficient model
  • Add a ductless heat pump to condition hard-to-reach or newly built rooms

Mild spring temperatures create the perfect opportunity to tune up your heating and cooling systems. Schedule furnace and AC maintenance with Calfo today!

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