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Why Work at Calfo?

We see it happen too often—talented and driven individuals start their careers in the HVAC industry with a contractor that passes along more bad habits than good ones. Here at Calfo, we are dedicated to investing our time and energy into our most valuable asset—our employees. 

Calfo gives homeowners in Pittsburgh the red carpet treatment, and we can’t offer that level of customer service to our customers if we don’t treat our employees the same way. If you are tired of looking for another “job”, we are looking for you. Start your career with Calfo!


Current Job Openings

  1. HVAC Lead Installer III

    It’s the responsibility of the Lead Level 3 to install advanced HVAC systems and any other related HVAC components correctly and in a timely manner with a helper. A wide degree of creative design is expected along with the ability to lead and run a multiple-crew install.

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  2. Service Technician (Level II)

    The Service Technician must be proficient in troubleshooting and repairing new and old HVAC equipment. They must also work with a high degree of honesty and integrity to promote a positive image, and excel in communication and follow through to properly complete the task at hand. Most importantly, they must “Deliver Exceptional Customer Service” by establishing a great rapport with the customer.

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Learn to Look at The Home as a System

When it comes to heating and cooling a home efficiently, the Calfo team approaches the entire home as an interconnected system. This results in fewer future repairs, fewer emergency service calls, reduced heating and cooling costs, and an overall happier and healthier customer. 

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